Raynald Leclerc

Raynald Leclerc

Raynald Leclerc was born on December, 1961 in Saint-Michel de Bellechasse on the south Shores of Quebec.

He first studied architecture at Levis-Lauzon CEGEP and worked for a while as an Industrial Designer. It was also during this time that he discovered his natural talent for painting which soon developed into a career after meeting his mentor and friend, painter Richard Bergeron, who introduced him to figurative art.

Raynald Leclerc is a self-thought artist and has been profoundly influenced by growing up next to St. Lawrence river and the way that lights impacts the optical sights of the river and the energy that the river exhibits as it travels through the time and space.
Since 1982 Leclerc has pursued his painting artistry by following through the footsteps of Clarence Gagnon and the Group of Seven and the inspiration of the Canadian landscape of the Charlevoix region of Quebec.

Raynald Leclerc has held many solo expositions in various galleries in Quebec and his Artwork could be found in major private and corporate collections. He has been published in various art magazines such as “Investir Dans Les Oeuvres D’Art”, Arabela, “Quebec En Peinture”, and “Magazin’Art”.
Galerie Q represents Raynald Leclerc and exhibits a large selection of his best Art Collections on display.

Raynald Leclerc is a self-thought artist